The way most businesses approach their sales function has remained largely stagnant.

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This website has been developed to compliment the book ‘Death of the Salesman’. Together they provide a unique insight and information portal into the world of sales outsourcing, which is growing in importance as a means of competitive advantage and growth.

You can obtain a hardcopy or ebook version of Death of the Salesman via this site by clicking here and entering your details.    A preview of the content can be found under The Book.


The Research


How can anyone do without it? Outsourcing is a way of life.   Whether in business, at home or at leisure ……the ability to ‘delegate’ various services, activities or chores to external specialists enables us to focus on those things which are most important to us in a busy world.

The increasing recognition and adoption of outsourcing has stimulated debate and research around the globe. The insights, papers and links on this website provide valuable information to anyone interested or involved in the topic.


New Approach


Globalisation has been a major impetus for the growth of outsourcing.

In an increasingly connected world, business models and sales approaches developed in one region, sector or market can have equally relevant application in others.  This interdependence makes it imperative that we view the sales function from a global perspective and continually look for better, faster and more cost effective ways of doing things.